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Services & Prices
*Priced for cats in good condition, tangle/mat free and tolerant of grooming. Additional charges added for extra care due condition and/or behavior.
  • Full Coat groom consists of nail trim, ear & eye cleaning, bath with high quality, cat-safe shampoo, fluff dry, comb out and breed specific face trimming. Long hair $70.00* | Short hair $60.00* and up

  • Lion Clip consists of nail trim, ear & eye cleaning, short trim all over leaving a mane, boots and tail poof, bath, fluff dry and trimming. $80.00* and up

  • Modified Lion Clips can leave fuller tail, fluffier or shorter mane or allow for a more blended finish. 

  • Plush Cut consists of nail trim, ear & eye cleaning, bath, fluff dry and longer body clip all over. Only offered to cats on regular maintenance schedule, mat/tangle free and receptive of grooming. $95.00* and up

  • Nail trim and comb out services range from $5-40 and can be done in your home.  We recommend trimming nails monthly.

  • A $10 fee will be charged for house call.

  • There will be a $20 deposit to hold new appointments which will be applied to the final price of groom.  In the event that the appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the deposit will not be refunded.

  • Discounts available for regularly scheduled clients (at least one visit over a 6 month period) 

Add ons include 

  • Sanitary trim - what happens in the litter box stays in the litter box. 

  • Belly shave, smooth or plush - to prevent matting and keeps kitty cooler. 

  • Ruff trim - keeps chin dryer and cleaner. 

  • Toe tuft trim - removes hair around paw pads

  • Charges of $5-15 each apply if these services are done al-a-carte. 



We occasionally groom small dogs up to 15 pound that have been referred to us from another groomer.  Please contact us for pricing.


Comb out - $20

Sanitary clip - $15

Nails - $5

Scent Glands cleaning - $10

Poopy Butt - $20-30

Full groom - includes all the above - $40

Full shave down is available for matted pets only - $65  

         Creative touches coming soon!

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