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  • Why groom cats? 

    • While most cats do a good job keeping themselves neat, there are several benefits professional grooming can have on your feline friend. A cat's licking simply cannot eliminate excessive grease, fleas, or matting and with some cats, age and size can limit their ability to take care of themselves. Additionally, long hair breeds have a tendency to have more matting and hair issues. ​

  • Does my cat really need a bath? ​

    • Yes. Regular bathing and blowdrying reduces shedding which can prevent hairballs, cuts excess greasiness which can prevent future tangle and mats, and can clear up dandruff and dander that causes allergies in people. And keeps kitty looking and feeling great. 

  • How long will it take for my cat to grow out after their haircut? ​

    • Most cats will grow out their natural length in 3 months. It is normal to see some coat changes such as color and texture after clipper. ​

    • If kitty's fur does not come back in or is sparse it may be due to the regrowth being disrupted and could be remedied with another clip. Coats that do not return to normal are usually the result of an underlying health issue or deficiency. 

  • Why is my cat shedding more following the groom? ​

    • Warm water opens up the hair follicles and makes it easy for hairs ready to come out to be released. 

    • Also, grooming is stressful and cats shed more when stressed. As regular bathing and drying become a normal part of your kitty's routine they will be less stressed by it. You should see a reduction in shedding 24- to 48-hours after groom. 

  • My cat was groomed​ and now my other cat is hissing and angry. Why aren't they friends anymore? 

    • Cats rely on their sense of smell more than any other sense. When one cat smells different other cats may react as if he or she's a stranger. Normal odors should return 24- to 48-hours after groom and your kitties will be friends again. ​

  • Can you fit my cat in anytime for grooming? 

    • The short answer is no, however, we will work with you to find an appointment that fits. All grooming is done by appointment. ​​ We recommend getting your cat on a regular schedule to ensure the day and time you want.  A regular schedule is 4-12 week intervals.

  • Can you groom my dog also? ​

    • Pat Pals is a Cat Spa​. While we started out grooming dogs, we have chosen now to groom cats exclusively. We would be happy to offer a referral to a dog groomer near you.  

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