Due to the threat of the Covid19 virus and with careful consideration we are currently closed and will remain closed for the time being.  No re open date has been decided.  We will continue to monitor the situation and post changes in our status accordingly.  We understand you have been waiting a long time and appreciate your patience.  However, if you feel you cannot wait any longer we understand completely and hope that you choose a safe, compassionate alternate groomer.   Please return to this page for the an update on our status. 

The guidelines below have been created for your safety and my own. To reiterate existing policy, I will only groom one pet or family at a time. Appointments will be spread out to allow for proper sanitation between visits. 

We will begin to reschedule visits no more than one week prior to reopening. If you had an appointment prior to the Safer at Home order, you will be called in the order you were cancelled. If you called for an appointment during the shutdown, you will be called after all reschedules are made. 


1. One person should be designated as the drop off AND pick up person.

2. Cats should arrive in a secure carrier.  If you do not have a secure carrier now is the time to get one. If you need to borrow a carrier let me know and we can arrange that prior to your appointment.

3. No clients will be allowed to enter my home at this time. Carrier will be left and retrieved from my front porch.

4. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for you scheduled appointment.  I will call when kitty is ready for pick up and you should return promptly.  Normal appointments take 45-90 minutes, please do not go shopping or visiting.  This is to mitigate your and my risk of exposure.




Payment can be made with credit card by phone prior to appointment.  Cash and check will still be accepted and can be placed in the mailbox at drop off.


We will be offering only 2 options at this time. 

A cleanup will consist of a bath, blow dry, comb and nail trim.  This is reserved for cats on a normal schedule that have zero knots and tangles.

The lion cut consists of a short clip all over, bath, dry, comb and nail trim.  I will not be able to spend extra time combing or dematting.  This clip will be safer and more humane.  On a healthy cat, fur can be expected to grow back in 12 to 16 weeks.

Your grooming request will be considered, I will make the professional decision what is best for your cat.  If you refuse my decision you will be expected to pick up your kitty immediately.


House call nail trims will be done first thing in the morning.  I will arrive wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer.

You will need to meet me at your door holding your cat.  I will step in, clip nails, collect payment and leave.

If you have multiple cats, you should have them all secure so that you can retrieve them each quickly.  If you are unable to catch or control your cat, we will need to reschedule. This is to mitigate your and my risk of exposure. 

*If you or any family member has been sick or tested positive for COVID19,  please follow the 14 day isolation protocol before scheduling an appointment.  I will do the same.


Update July 20, 2020: We are not accepting new clients at this time. 

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